Benefits of the Amazing Dandelion Coffee



Dandelion Coffee is a great tasting alternative to normal coffee and it possesses numerous health benefits also! The main ingredient is DANDELION and is used in Chinese medicine for liver and blood cleansing. Egyptians and Native Americans have also used it for centuries for its detoxifying properties.



Reduces Caffeine Consumption

While some studies say that coffee is beneficial and that the average person can have up to 4 cups per day without side effects, it has been shown that drinking too much coffee has potential side effects such as irritability, sleeplessness, increased heart rate, muscle tremors and anxiety. Some people need to avoid coffee for medical reasons such as heart issues, medication they are taking or high blood pressure and in these cases dandelion coffee is a great replacement for caffeinated drinks and it can even be brewed in a normal coffee maker! How easy is that?


Dandelion is a gentle diuretic and is recommended by a lot of medical professionals. Diuretics increase urine production and this can be useful for treating conditions such as fluid retention and premenstrual bloating. Dandelion is also very efficient in flushing out toxins which is beneficial for people with high blood pressure and liver problems.

Dandelion coffee can help during pregnancy with swollen limbs and eclampsia which is extremely high blood pressure. A doctor should always be consulted in these situations.

Digestive Aid

Dandelion may promote digestion and reduce stomach pain through its gentle laxative effect. It also helps promote healthy gastrointestinal bacteria.

Improves Gall Bladder Function

Because of its ability to flush toxins from the system, dandelion root may work well for people prone to gall stones. It seems to promote healthy bile secretion, and may also dissolve the gallstones themselves.

Rich in Nutrients

Dandelion is full of nutrients. Among them are B complex vitamins, vitamins A, C and D, zinc, potassium and iron. While other diuretics are known to flush potassium out of the body, dandelion actually adds it to the body.



by Subala Kamalan 22nd March 2012





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