Linseed, sunflower and almonds. This is a great mixture that can be added to any meal to add extra fibre, minerals and vitamins. This is a supplement that you can prepare yourself or buy ready ground from your local health food store or supermarket. If you don't have a grinder at home then just purchase a mortar and pestle and grind your own mixture fresh each morning and sprinkle over your breakfast. It only takes a few minutes and has a fantastic nutty taste.

Linseed (Flaxseed)

This is a most popular source of Omega 3 fatty acids


Promotes healthy cholesterol

Decreases the probability of blood clots in arteriesMortar & Pestle

Decreases inflammation so great for arthritis and asthma

Eliminates the symptoms of PMS

Decreases allergic responses

Helps the kidneys to remove sodium and water

Improves stamina and vitality


Sunflower Seeds

A rich source of vitamin E


Protects the heart and cardiovascular system


High in magnesium to help regulate calcium

High in zinc to boost the immune system

Rich in unsaturated fats for heart & brain health



Most nutritious of all nuts


Contains calcium, magnesium, phosphorus & zinc for bone health

Has a favorable effect on cholesterol levels

1oz contains 12% of daily protein & 35% of daily vitamin E

Antioxidant for fighting cancer

Great source of folic acid (great if you're thinking of getting pregnant)


So as you can see this simple supplement can add a lot to your nutrition.


by Aparigraha Brady






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